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Information about the Transfer

This is one of all my clothes

This is one of all my clothes

Transfer on the clothes

Washing the Perma Eco HT Transfer:

  • The garment, to which the Perma Eco HT transfer has been attached, can be washed in water with a temperature of up to 85*C (185*F) and with maximum pH of 11. Use washing detergents free from bleaching agents! do NOT exceed 85*C (185*F) when washing or drying.

  • The Materiels they use in their production have been through several different tests to ensure that they don't contain any substances that are harmful to the environment. They also meet all environmental legislations and the toughest demand from many of the world's largest retailers in sports, work and children's wear.

  • Perma Press produces the most eco-friendly high quality transfer that you can find on the market. They keep hazardous substance out of their production, factory and products.

  • All the transfers that I use on my products come from the company called "Perma Press", If you want to know more about them visit them here